Who is Who

Jos van den Boom
Composer / presenter of Crossroadsradio. Born in 1958. After having played the disc-jockey in his highschool days at a drive-in theatre, the first single he publicly announced was "Whatever gets you through the night" by John Lennon in bar Piet Mulders. In 1980, Jos van den Boom became an employee of the hospital radio at Lievensberg. Here he became addicted to ‘making radio’. After a trip to Radio Paladijn in Essen, he joined the BOS (Bergse Omroep Stichting) for a short period. This comity’s focus was to start and support a local radio station in Bergen op Zoom. Eventually the comity was merged into the BRTO.
Near the end of 1986, Jos van den Boom teamed up with Peter Bevers, starting up BRTO’s radio department. Though it was initially not their intention, Peter and Jos created and hosted the now almost legendary radio show; Wat kan een Zondag toch zalig zijn (EN: Sundays can be bliss) from November 1st, 1986 until the end of March, 1991. On April 1st, 1992, Peter became chairman of the station, and due to this new job was unable to continue hosting the radio show. After having had several jobs within the station, such as doing broadcasts with Wim Oerlemans, Jos eventually started Crossroads, a radio show about roots and singer/songwriter music. Nowadays, the show hosts its own monthly accoustic sessions,
listen to the broadcast and accoustic sessions at webradio or http://www.rootsparadise.com.  
Besides his work for Crossroads, Jos works for the justice department. Also, Jos is a family man with a wife and two daughters. Jos’s life is very much like his show; a broad variety of styles, greatly influenced by his many interests.

Bert van Kessel
Nickname: “Little McManus of Everything".
Bert was born in 1955, and grew up in Bergen op Zoom. In secondary school he was often the DJ of his school dances. After school, he went to study English in Utrecht. In those days, Utrecht’s many second hand record shops, cut-outs and concerts were a blessing for this young music lover. He also worked part-time for King Karol, focusing on country-rock music, such as the Eagles, Neil Young, Dillard & Clark, and Poco, and from there back to Beau Brummels’ International Submarine Band.
After returning to Bergen op Zoom, Bert continued to explore his musical interests through the pirate radio station Radio Calypso, record shop RAFS and De Waterput. Besides working as a teacher, Bert does public relations work for Continental Record Services. He combines these many free-lance jobs with a busy family life. Bert has no intention to go through rehab to get rid of his thirty year addiction to music.


Kees Aerts
With the arrival of soundman Kees Aerts, who took over from Ruud Hagens behind the soundboard and everything linked to it, the registrations of the monthly  Crossroads sessions were raised to a truly professional level. Kees, the proud owner of (among much more and equally impressive equipment) a digital multi-track soundboard, is blessed with sublime hearing, which enables him to record each act in near perfection. Recently his recordings have been used not only by Crossroads, but also by national radio, such as VARA’s Over De Schutting, NPS’ Studio 6 and KRO’s American Connection, who eagerly made use of Crossroads’ exquisite session recordings.

Kees manages his own company with which he gladly helps you out in any audio field you can imagine.


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