Until the end of 2022, the Crossroads sessions are a private initiative. The fact that we have been able to organize regular sessions in the past (more than) 20 years is mainly due to the (financial) support that we have received all these years from sponsors and certainly also from our donors, also known as "The Friends of Crossroads " named.

We are currently working hard on professionalizing the set-up of the sessions. Part of this is the establishment of a foundation. This foundation will be called: Crossroads Sessions and Music Productions Foundation. Once the Foundation is established
The Friends of Crossroads come under the wing of the Foundation. This means that from that moment on, the donor money will be transferred to the account of the Foundation. Until then, if you want to support the Crossroads Sessions financially, you can make a contribution to account number: NL84ABNA0428656307. That account is in the name of JAJ van den Boom, regarding De Vrienden van Crossroads.
Many thanks in advance!Do you wish to become a “Vriend van Crossroads” (Friend of Crossroad), or wish to receive more information regarding becoming a sponsor? In that case please send us an email at

Thanks to all our Crossroadsfriends for their support.

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